Thursday, June 04, 2009

Guilty confession: sometimes I think I'm pretty hilarious. It is deeply unfashionable to admit that you find yourself funny. It smacks of being self-absorbed and stuck-up. But I think it's equally awful to disavow things about yourself that you like, merely for the sake of appearing modest.

Put it this way. If you're going to make a joke, it's comforting to know that at least one person will always laugh – you. Rather than feel depressed because 'nobody understands me', I might as well enjoy my own sense of humour.

With this in mind, I'd like to say that I find my stupid themes for Is Not Magazine's YouTube Tuesday events very amusing indeed. Nobody ever told me they had to be themed, but I always try to invent some kind of theme for each month's edition – mainly for my own entertainment. Some of them are more plausible and other more desperate. Here are some of them – for posterity as much as anything else, as they're rather ephemeral.

September 11, 2007
YouTube Tuesday
Where the cream of the internet is improved with friends and beer.
"Yes, it is time for another YouTube Tuesday, where we scour the internet for the most hilarious and outrageous videos, then play them on the big screen in a bar. Don't worry, we're not going to screen Twin Towers footage with the Benny Hill Show theme behind it. (Oh, too soon?)"

November 13, 2007
YouTube Tuesday
An event that preceded Channel 10's "The Friday Night Download" by some 14 months.

January 8, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Summer Edition
Ease your way back into the working year by watching amusing online videos!
"If you've never been to YouTube Tuesday before, make it your New Year's Resolution; and if you have, resolve to come again, and also to attend YouTube Tuesday."

February 12, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Love Edition
Bring your crush, canoodle in the dark, reveal your awful laugh
"Yeah, so it's the February YouTube Tuesday and hence the obligatory Love Edition. We thought about strewing red roses all through the back room at Loop, but that is pretty expensive. Still, it's two days before Valentine's Day – you might get lucky! YOUTUBE TUESDAY HOOKUPS HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE."

March 11, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Mad March Edition
Online video craziness with Is Not Magazine
"Last month you learned surprising new things about Sarah Silverman's sex life and Bert and Ernie's drumming skills. Now, being March, we are making like Ken Bruce and going COMPLETELY MAD! Or perhaps like that dude who advertises MASSIVE SALES of BRAAAAS, BRIEFFFFS AND G-STRINGS! at the Exhibition Centre. As Jeremy likes to say, "GET YOUR TITS IN 'EM!""

April 8, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - April Follies Edition
All manner of April Foolishness, brought to you by your friend the internet
"April Fool's Day may technically be over, but at Is Not Magazine we are no strangers to foolishness (or indeed, foolywangness) of all sorts – and now we showcase it once more in our monthly screening of the best in internet video."

May 13, 2008
YouTube Tuesday – Mayonnaise Edition
The (salad) cream of online video, tossed liberally with drinks and LOLs.
"Now the Simpsons were keen to teach us that you don't win friends with salad, but Is Not Magazine would beg to differ, because it is May and another opportunity to meet lovely new people awaits! "

June 10, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - June-O Edition
Pregnant with internet videos! Honest to blog, homeskillet!
"It started with a chair. You sat in this comfortable chair at Loop some time between 6:30pm and 7pm, after donating $5 to Is Not Magazine. Jeremy played some funny videos and you laughed, and then maybe went to get some dumplings or Italian food for dinner. Thus you eased yourself back into the working week after the long weekend. Then you put on your finest leopard-print gown and won an Oscar The End."

July 8, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Julyke To Watch Edition
The perfect dose of mid-winter scopophilia
"Julyke to watch funny internet videos, right? Then jubetter get jurass to YouTube Tuesday. Juwon't know what will happen, but juwill definitely laugh."

August 12, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Second Birthday Edition
Now officially a toddler
"In celebration, we will screen some especially mental videos off the internet and there will be a cake - we are tossing up between a Dramatic Chipmunk Cake or a Chocolate Rain Cake (*move away from the cake to breathe in)."

October 14, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Nightlight Saving Edition
Get back that hour you lost by watching funny internet videos
"Where did that hour of the day go? (I ask, still wearing my pyjamas.) Well, we at Is Not Magazine have thought of a fine way to give it back to you: the October edition of YouTube Tuesday, incorporating a special encore screening of the best bits of the Pork Chop Edition!"

November 11, 2008
YouTube Tuesday - Remembrance Day Edition
With the downloading of the files, and with a mouse click, we shall remember them...
"Being Remembrance Day, we are going to screen some of our all-time favourites as well as new funny, astounding and memey videos."

January 13, 2009
YouTube Tuesday – Not Happy January Edition
Boo hoo, back at work... so ease the pain with some funny internet videos!
"Bummer, eh? You've had a lovely little break over the end of 2008 and start of 2009, and then you have to go back to work just as the nice weather finally kicks in. We know now why you cry, but it's something we can never do."

February 10, 2009
YouTube Tuesday – Febrouhaha Edition
The shortest month! The shortest amount of notice!
"Holy crap you guys, we forgot it is YouTube Tuesday this coming Tuesday! There was some Christian Bale-style shouting when we figured this out! It's a total Febrouhaha!"

March 10, 2009
YouTube Tuesday – Lousy Smarch Weather Edition
In these turbulent times, the hilarity of online video is our only certainty
"Is it raining outside? Is there a gale-force wind? Is it horribly hot? Did your boss send you home early in case the trains all got cancelled? Did you get that text message from the cops? Lousy Smarch weather!"

June 9, 2009
YouTube Tuesday – Chk-Chk JUNE!!! Edition
Call on your fully sick boys and watch some funny internet videos!
"So you and your friends came into Loop and there were these two videos screening. And the funnier video said to the sillier video, "Oi bro, you slept with my cousin eh," and the other one said, "Nah man, I didn't for shit eh" and the other one goes, "I will call on my fully sick boys eh," and then pulled out a remote and went chk-chk JUNE!!!"

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