Monday, June 08, 2009

The Rosie Fantail origin story. You know how superheroes always need an origin story? Yesterday my mother reminded me of mine.

Apparently I had turned four, and for my birthday my mother took me to a panto at the Oxford Children's Theatre in Box Hill. At one point they invited everyone who'd had a birthday in the last week to come up onto the stage. I complied and then they went around asking all the assembled birthday children their name and how old they were.

When they asked me my name, I replied, "Rosie Fantail." This was news to my parents.

I was quite tickled to hear this story because I remember campaigning at that age to be known as Rosie Fantail, but I didn't remember declaring it publicly, on stage and everything. Awesome.

Anyway, I have had the last laugh because Rosie Fantail has now taken on a life of her own. She is even one half of award-winning DJ duo Plump'n'Rosie (available for weddings and parties).

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