Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mysterious photo shoot. Today I am trying to stop my hatstand from leaning at such an annoying angle that I can't open the door to my room properly, so I am cleaning up some of the stuff around it.

I found this red straw bag that used to be my handbag. It is oddly like proto-Stam. I opened it up and it was like a time capsule – full of bills from when I lived at Donald Street, pay slips from Field Works Market Research, my ancient little black book full of the addresses and phone numbers of people I don't see any more, and an envelope full of the original prints from the Undiez On Tha Head photo shoot, which may have been an early aspect of my rap star alter ego the Incredible Melk or could have been done just for shits and giggles.

There was also an envelope with some notes on it in my handwriting. They look like ideas for a photo shoot, but I have no idea what it might have been about. Here are the perplexing notes:
– on beach – wet white shirt, crouched in sand (on thighs)
– red dress lying in front of someone's front fence (vaseline lens)
– her in studio, really bad 1cm lower lipliner, backwds on chair
– high contrast susp belt/stockings/high heels outside someone's front door
– "street" fashion shots, cut off high waisted shorts, jumper tucked in, thumbs out
It looks vaguely satirical, as if I was trying to take the piss out of something or someone. Perhaps it was for the Incredible Melk, but I don't think that even in my much thinner days of 2002 I would have been prepared to pose outside someone's front door in sexy underwear.

Oh god! I think I have just remembered what this was. The then-girlfriend of an acquaintance of mine was trying to break into modelling and these were descriptions of some of the shots in her portfolio. I believe that we were laughing cruelly over coffee about how shonky they all sounded and I wrote down the descriptions.

Awww. I feel so mean now. I wonder if she ever got into modelling. If nothing else, high-waisted shorts are in fashion now.

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