Friday, December 18, 2009

Just a small-town blog, living in a lonely bog… I started this blog in March 2004 when the range of templates Blogger offered was really small and ugly. It took a vast amount of tinkering for me to make A Wild Young Under-Whimsy look okay, and even then I couldn't get the hyperlinks to show up the same colour as the post datelines for, like, years.

Also, they didn't have post headlines back then, which is why I got into the style of bolding the first sentence of each post. And they didn't offer their own commenting service, which is why I used some service whose name has been lost in the mists of time, and when that crashed I switched over to Haloscan, making some readers grumble that I had deliberately deleted their comments.

Today I got an email from Haloscan saying that they were stopping their free blog comment provision, but if I liked I could sign up to their new service for US$10 a year. Get fucked, I thought. So I am switching over to Blogger's comments, which in the intervening years have become quite customisable.

Unfortunately, Blogger has not yet developed the technological capability to import comments from another comment provider, so all previous witticisms are gone I'm afraid. Hopeless. I do actually have all the comments, but they are in an XML document on my desktop and as yet I'm not sure what to do with them.

I Googled "free blog comments" and all I could find were software programs that leave irritating spam comments on blogs. This says much about how the internet has changed since I was last looking for a free blog comment provider.

Then I thought about just how antiquated this entire blog is, and whether I should try to migrate it over to another provider that would allow me to import the previous comments, but I still fondly remember how back in February '04, Guy wrote on a paper napkin: "Go here to get blog:". Yep, I'm sentimental.

Don't stop! Commenting! Hold on to that venting! Streetlights! Peoplllllllllllle!

I don't know if this will work for you with the xml file, but I've been searching on that same issue tonight because I was considering switching from Echo to Disqus or Intense Debate but didn't know what would happen if I was unhappy. I found that if you go to Settings in your Blogger dashboard, and then go to import blog, it may let you import that xml file.

That being said, I've read some posts tonight, albeit old ones, that says it will only let you import Blogger xml files, not xml files from other sources.

Anyway it might be worth a shot.
" in a lonely bog"

Lyrical genius! And smutty! Excellent.
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