Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I can count on one hand the things I know about Ryan Adams. I thought this to myself today, and then I thought, "Don't pull these stats out of your arse, Mel – let's see just how much you really know about Ryan Adams." So here goes:

1. He is an American musician, not to be confused with Canadian musician Bryan Adams, whose biggest hit was 'The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You'.

2. The kind of music he plays is called 'alt-country'.

3. He is something of an 'alt-sex symbol' to 'alt-women'.

4. He is very prolific and has released many albums.

5. He is a nutjob and often says nutjobby things on his Tumblr that his 'alt-fans' like to repost on their own Tumblrs.

So there you have it: the sum total of my knowledge of Ryan Adams. I couldn't name one of his songs or albums, or quote you any of his lyrics. I have no idea what he looks like, about his personal life, how old he is or whether he's ever been in a band or is simply a solo artist.

No, wait, I have a couple of late-breaking knowledges that I produced after racking my brains!

6. He performed a corporate gig (although I can't remember who for – MySpazz? Pepsi?) in which he chucked a tantrum and walked offstage.

7. I seem to recall that perhaps he has a reputation for tantruming.

8. I also have a mental image of him with a quiff, wearing checked shirts. Let's have a look on Google Image Search to see if this is true.

So there you have it. I knew more about Ryan Adams than I thought I did. But I was totally wrong about his hair.

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