Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hilarious Nick Stahl update! Ever since I posted about Nick Stahl, I've had heaps and heaps of Google searches for him bringing people to my blog. Just the other day I had a revelatory comment from Sara, who found my post:
"when I was looking for a picture of nick stahl in order to prove that alexander siddig is the muslin version of nick… I saw Alexander in an old episode of spooks/MI 5 - so I don't know that he is currently working but your comment made me laugh."
So I have looked for pics of Alexander Siddig and SARA IS COMPLETELY RIGHT!! It is uncanny! He is the Nick Stahl from another mother!

I actually recognise him – and this is pretty embarrassing – as Dr Julian Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which I watched on TV for a while when I was in withdrawal from Star Trek: Voyager, which remains my favourite TV iteration of Star Trek.

Since then he seems to have become pigeonholed in dignified, elegant Islamic roles, although he did play the British prime minister in the schlocky futuristic thriller Doomsday.

The proportions of his face are very similar to Nick Stahl's, and while nobody could have eyes as freakishly wide-set as Stahl (although of course I welcome random commenters to tell me otherwise!), Siddig's have the same shadowed quality as Stahl's. Siddig also has a very similar way of holding his mouth.

Well spotted, Sara! The only trouble is that this doesn't actually make my game of Plausible Family Casting any easier – how could we cast these two together to exploit their resemblance?

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