Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australia's blarneyest bloke. This is a reality TV series I thought up yesterday after telling my business partners in an email that I felt Damien Leith was "gunning for the title of Australia's potato king". I also like Potato King as the name of the proposed series. I tweeted it and everything, but got NO TWLOVE.

Anyway, Australia's Blarneyest Bloke/Potato King would be a competition among Irish-Australians for who was the Irishest. It could be hosted by Jimeoin, or perhaps Delta Goodrem's bloke, Brian 'Potato' McFadden. Potential game show segments could include:

– Riverdance obstacle course
– Potato eating contest
– Guinness drinking contest
– Pub improv challenge: walk in with Englishman and Scotsman, invent joke
– Leprechaun-tossing: how far can you throw a midget dressed as a leprechaun
– Sing-off to 'Oh Danny Boy'
– Blarney challenge: who can tell the funniest/most entertaining yarn
– St Patrick's challenge: how many snakes can you remove from game area within time limit?

Potential guest stars could include Irish celebrities. Guest Irish comedians could do "BlarneySpots"/"TaterSpots", and guest Irish bands could play.

I think this show would be best screened during summer, with the grand finale screening around St Patrick's Day.

I LOVE this idea. And of course, the implicit partner show POTATO QUEEN. The title of which I WOULD WIN, T'BE SURE!
to be sure, it be a fine idea.
Damien Leith is a right wing, racist scumbag, according to my mate who went to school with him in Ireland, after Leith and his family moved to Ireland from South Africa...
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