Sunday, March 21, 2010

Amusing oneself at the expense of being a crazy cat lady. In case you aren't aware, I'm single and I've got a cat. As a feminist I'm well aware that attempts to shame and stigmatise women for their cat ownership date back to the days of witches and their 'familiars', but still, most of the time I feel a strong social pressure not to openly worry about my cat, or express the view that he is funny and adorable, in order to avoid being thought of as a crazy cat lady.

But sometimes I just like to amuse myself, for instance with stupid cat songs. Then there's the following 'conversation', which actually took place yesterday. I fancy that it could be a scene from a potential Skippy-like TV series in which a crazy cat lady solves crises and catches villains with the help of her cat.

GRAHAM comes jingling and thudding down the hallway and skids to a halt just inside MEL's room.

GRAHAM (urgently)

MEL (at her desk, turns to look at the cat)
What's wrong, Graham?


Is it Timmy?

Mrrrrowwww! Miaoww!

What?! Timmy fell down the well?

Mrra! Mrra!

You'd better take me thereā€¦ and fast!

MEL gets out of her chair and heads for the door. GRAHAM bolts out of the room and back down the hallway, scrunching the living-room rug as he skedaddles to turn into the kitchen. He finally comes to a stop next to his food bowl.


No, you're not going cat-crazy. I saw a documentary about pets once and the researcher said that cats are the only animals who can 'hold conversations'. Not parrots, which surprised me.
> most of the time I feel a strong social pressure not to openly worry about my cat

Life's a lot easier when you can accept that there are many people whose opinions you can, and almost always should, ignore. Glad to see you doing your part here.
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