Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pie July: let's party! On Tuesday night I went to the issue launch of literary journal Kill Your Darlings, in which I have an article. The event was held at the Bella Union bar at Trades Hall, and as people familiar with this venue may recall, there is a pie warmer there… with little Boscastle party pies!

So I decided to bring the party with a beef and Guinness pie!

It was definitely tasty, with a flavoursome, reddish-tinged gravy that was a bit more gelatinous than I was expecting… perhaps because of lingering in the pie warmer. But on the downside, it was gone in several bites.

We also played bingo at the launch. Thrillingly, I won in the second round, and my prize was an assortment of books. When I won, I cried, "That's a bingo!" but nobody found this amusing except me.

Pie July continues apace. I'm finding that by baking my own pies and eating them gradually for lunch every day, it is quite a manageable commitment. I finished the last of the spanakopita today though, so tomorrow it will be time for apple and raspberry pie!

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