Sunday, August 01, 2010

Crap domestic hacks. I love the way this blog is shifting towards being a crap version of other blogging genres. First it started becoming a Crap Food Blog; now it is turning into a Crap Domestic Hacks blog.

You will remember my last Crap Domestic Hack: the DIY liquid soap!

Even though the consistency looks a little like vomit, that photo was taken at what turned out to be the soap's peak. It probably needed to have some emulsifying substance in there to keep it liquid (glycerine?), because the soap separated and the water evaporated, leaving a revolting-looking residue. I still kept it for a while before my housemate eventually made me throw it out.

That is what I mean when I talk about Crap Domestic Hacks. These are repurposings of household objects in ways that at the time make you feel deeply thrifty, with McGyver-esque levels of resourcefulness. But later you realise they are just a waste of time, don't work very well, and clutter up your house. So you throw them away.

In this spirit, let me bring you two Crap Hacks I did this week. First is my All Terrain Cat Vehicle.

I don't have a car, and so I have to walk to the vet with Graham in his cat carrier. I have been putting off his overdue immunisations and dental check-ups because I am weak as a kitten (fnar!) and have to stop every 50m or so to change arms on the cat carrier, and I feel absolutely destroyed by the time I get home. Graham is a greedy bastard and is not getting any lighter.

So I was thinking that it would be great if I could attach some skateboard wheels to the bottom of the carrier, and one of those long handles like you see on some kids' tricycles. Then I could just wheel Graham down the road.

Imagine my glee the other day when I saw this metal pram frame (or shopping trolley frame; I don't know) just lying in the street. I said to myself that if it was still there when I came back that way, I'd pick it up. Of course, it was gone. But then Thursday was bin day, and I noticed that someone at the other end of my street had put the frame out with their garbage. So it is mine now. I figured I would lash the cat carrier to the frame with octopus straps. But I still have to find a long handle to drag it with.

Now for my second Crap Hack: Spice Jar Posy Vase!

We have several violet bushes in the back yard. I love the colour and smell of violets but I don't have a vase small enough for them to stand up in properly. Then I realised that I'd been saving this empty spice jar, and that the holes in the top would be perfect for keeping the flower stems standing upright!

Mel, I really enjoyed reading about your domestics hacks here! It's so satisfying - you had a need and you solved it with some good recycling. Stuff like this is completely worthy of its own blog - I'm going to post some pictures at my blog now.
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