Thursday, August 12, 2010

Has IKEA incepted me? Last night I dreamed an IKEA hack! Not just this: I dreamed an Inception-themed IKEA hack!

(It annoys me to cap up the Swedish furniture brand name – I think it looks shouty and wrong – but it's actually an acronym, and the pedant in me wants to get this shit right.)

So I dreamed that I invented a special DVD shelf that had extra storage to hold my DVDs-within-a-DVD. In my dream, I used as a base an Expedit shelf laid on its long side on the ground. This is actually what I use in my living room as a TV stand and to hold my DVDs – you can see the corner of it in this pic.

I then cut gaps in the small interior shelves of the Expedit and inserted a Benno CD tower lengthwise into the gap I had created. The Benno rests on the Expedit shelves. I suppose I could glue it in for stability but practically, you would want to be able to dismantle it.

Forget the screwy perspective in this pic – I have just mocked it up quickly based on the product pics on the IKEA website. Of course, the Benno interior shelves can be moved to any spot on the tower, not just the CD width shown here; I would configure them to be the length of DVDs.

So the idea is that I would store the primary DVDs in the narrow gaps at the top and bottom of the Expedit, and the DVDs-within-DVDs in the Benno.

Don't ask me what "DVDs-within-DVDs" means. It was a dream. Things don't have to make sense in dreams.

My next IKEA hack: putting my couch on hinges so it can tilt back dramatically to 'kick' me back from the DVD-within-a-DVD to watching the first DVD.

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