Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Hundred And One Persians. I read this story in the paper this morning about how the Cat Protection Society of Victoria is trying to oust one of its directors, Jasmine Alexandra, because she had the temerity to think that the fact the society euthanased 90 per cent of the cats left in its care in 2009 was, maybe, an alarming statistic.

Less than 9 per cent of the cats received were adopted; the rest were reclaimed by their owners.

In the same year, the RSPCA adopted out 30 per cent of the cats and kittens it received, and euthanased 56 per cent of them.

The previous year, 2008, the Cat Protection Society's Greensborough shelter also managed to adopt out more than 30 per cent of the cats it received, and had only killed 63 per cent.

So, as a concerned cat lady who is also fond of satire (SATIRE!), I don't think The Age is looking for answers in the right place. Is there, perhaps, a larger-than-life fashion designer whose use of fur is controversial?

You know those Adriatic Furniture ads with Lillian Frank? I am kind of picturing a similar, cartoonish scenario in which our Cruella de Vil picks up handfuls of fluffy kittens… "You'll stay with me… you're the pick of the litter!"

Mel, think you might be in danger of becoming a mad cat lady, but so glad on reading this to think that I saved all of mine as strays from some terrible alternatives.
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