Monday, February 21, 2011

This is an outrage! For years it was my custom to visit my parents for Sunday night dinner. Then we would all sit down and watch whatever was on the ABC.

And I got into the ridiculous habit of singing along to the theme song from Compass. I think I did it once and made my mother laugh, so I started doing it every week. I would feel such joy when I knew that it was coming up, because I would have two chances (three, if you count the end credits) to nail that faintly Islamic-sounding wail.

So last night I was over there and was all ready for my solo, when I discovered that they have done away with the old theme!

I sat speechless and bewildered through about two seconds of bullshit, before Geraldine Doogue came on and said, "Welcome to the new-look Compass."

As if that wasn't appalling enough, then there was some indulgent, poor-cousin-of-Enough-Rope special where we have to sit back and find out what various Australian celebrities think about the meaning of life. Bah! They get enough airtime as it is! What has happened to the interesting investigations into ethical and religious matters that Compass used to present?

Appalling! I went into the Wild West of the Compass messageboards to see if anyone had complained about this, and was rewarded by a rich feeling of righteousness as I read the following:
On the down side, sorry guys, but I don't like the new music at all. Compass' original theme music is iconic. It is in the same category as the theme music of 4 Corners. You don't change something that good just for a change. I have always loved hearing the Compass music as it felt like a call to soemthing worthwhile to watch on a television landscape that is pretty barren these days. Please bring back the old music! The new sounds like 'dashing through the snow.'

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