Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's okay you guys, Graham is home! Just before, I was doorknocking the neighbourhood. I had made flyers in Microsoft Word because I lost my Photoshop when my computer was stolen over Easter. It is pretty hard to make a two-up flyer in Microsoft Word.

Anyway, so most people are away for the long weekend, but this one lady answers her door and she says, "I think I have your cat!" AND SHE DID IT WAS GRAHAM THAT SHE HAD.

He had jumped into her lightwell garden – the sort that's walled in on all sides but has an open roof – and couldn't get out. He was pressed into a corner and wouldn't come out, but he came out as soon as I called him.

Now he is sitting on my study floor as if nothing had happened and he hadn't caused me this terrible amount of stress and heartache. Also now I feel super embarrassed about being so sad before.

Now I can get on with my uni marking, which has to be done by Tuesday.

Yay Graham, yay yay yay!
Am v happy. I can relate regd the stress as little Pi went missing for 3 days, 1 week after arriving from the RSPCA, 1 day before her stitches from her spaying was supposed to come out.
Water not touched, food not touched.
She emerged from the walk in robe 3.1417 days later, hungry. The relief was palpable.
Omidog, HOORAY! So glad. And don't be embarrassed about the sadness: I was making deals with Providence (Providence, I tell you) when Beatrice disappeared for eight hours, deals along the lines of "You can kill me now, God, so long as you bring Beatrice home safe."


So maybe I should be embarrassed.

Anyway: excellent work, neighbour. And may you mark the papers with renewed vigour and lightness of heart.
YAYAYAY! Graham came home!

Don't be embarassed about being so sad Melican, we fret every time Sloane is away for more than 24 hours even though he's a committed wanderer/philanderer. It's horrible when you don't know where they are and what's happened to them, and realising you might never find out. I'm so glad you had a happy ending.
I am very pleased for you, and for Graham :)
So so relieved. Thanks for letting us know. :)
Oh, relief! So glad he's home.
Hurrah! So glad to hear that Graham is back. What a devil.
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