Sunday, October 23, 2011

The most convenient power outage. On Friday I got a grovelling letter from the power company.
Dear Sir/Madam 
…We are aware that your property experienced an unplanned power outage on 04.10.2011 and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused…

I was like, "Really? I didn't even notice!"

Then I checked my calendar. Unusually for someone who works from home, I was out all day – that was the day I went to Bendigo to see the White Wedding Dress exhibition. I'd meant to go see it as research for the book I'm planning to write (part of the proposal is about how clothing from the past is saved, preserved and curated by museums), but since I am super poor right now, the only way I could afford to get to Bendigo was by hitching a lift with my parents, who were going on that Tuesday.

I got home at perhaps 7pm and there was no sign of any power outage. Apology accepted, CitiPower!

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