Sunday, November 06, 2011

Horrible Coughing postscript. Today I heard the unmistakable sounds of coughing down the street and realised that because I hadn't yet gone out to get the paper off the front porch, I had an opportunity to catch and hence deter the Horrible Coughing Man from pausing outside my house.

I went outside all nonchalant, just in time to catch the Horrible Coughing Man walking past. He kept walking but turned to stare at me over his shoulder. He turned several more times to look back at me before he got to the end of the street.

Worse, he was wearing the same colour T-shirt as me (aqua blue), although I do not have my T-shirt tucked into my faded navy tracksuit pants. I am wearing it with a lavender cotton skirt thank you very much.

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