Friday, January 20, 2012

Shit Hair Tutorial: 'Award Ceremony Hair'. My hair has been getting pretty long lately because I have been too poor to get it cut. Anyway, so I have been playing with my hair and watching various YouTube hair tutorials to the point where YouTube's suggested videos on my home page are split between hair tutorials and my other great love, videos of boils being lanced and impacted wax being removed from ear canals.

Anyway, I decided that although I can't be arsed actually photographing or videoing myself, I will give you my shit step-by-step guide to achieving what I call 'Award Ceremony Hair'. This is a style in which your hair is gathered loosely into a chignon behind one ear. It is popular among female celebrities at award ceremonies. Here are some photos:

As you can see, I have chosen some ladies who feature in my Celebrity Ranga Swatch Chart. I feel Nicole's is too messy for my taste; I prefer a sleek version like Diane Kruger's. Also, since I have a fringe, the effect on me looks more like this example of Emma Stone. Also, the bride wears this hairstyle in the shit new Australian 'comedy' A Few Best Men.

So basically, how I do it is I part my hair to one side, and then I twist the hair inwards on both sides – like this video but not as tightly – and fasten in a low ponytail behind one ear. Then I twist that and turn it into a bun.

I have heavy hair and real problems with making it stay, so I have had more success pinning the bun in as I go so it doesn't prolapse into a Nicole Kidman-esque mess. Also, I don't pin straight into the bun; I insert it then twist the pin at a 90-degree angle, which is another tip I got from YouTube. This seems to hold my hair better.

Variations on Award Ceremony hair are to use a hair donut to create a larger, sleeker chignon more like the one Adele wears in her 'Cold Shoulder' video, and to pin the ponytail in several pin curls rather than one bun. I made a hair donut by cutting the toes off an old pair of socks, rolling them up and then covering the resulting donut with old hairbrush hair that I have been hoarding. (It's the old-fashioned way.)

Also, for my cousin's wedding in December I did a reverse bun, where I rolled my hair into a spiral from the outside and tucked the ends into the middle.

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