Friday, March 02, 2012

Forgive me Stanley, for I have sinned. It has been nine months since my last haircut, and I trimmed my own fringe twice in that time. This was basically a combination of procrastination and extreme poverty; by the time I figured I needed a haircut, I just didn't have the monies. I was really worried about what my hairdresser Stanley would say when I went back.

Here is what I looked like after the last haircut on 20 May 2011.

The reason I look so unhappy is not only because I have terrible ruddy skin, but also because I had had my hair dyed (I wanted a darker shade of red 'for winter'), but was angry that they had basically dyed it brown rather than red. Of course, my family and friends all thought I looked more 'natural' with the brown hair, but dammit I am not spending money on a salon dye job to end up with brown hair. The photo was after the redye appointment, which was done by someone else; my original colourist refused to speak to or look at me.

Nine months later, here I am first thing on Tuesday morning, 28 February 2012. I gave up the fringe trim thing, hoping to have grown it sufficiently that I could create a quiff from it for Lucy's wedding on 7 January. Then I thought what's the point in cutting it when I can just get Stanley to cut it. And then the weather was so gross and hot that I took to pinning it up out of the way and looking like some Exclusive Brethren teenager.

You can see how pale the ends of my hair look; this is called epic split ends.

This is how my hair looked on Tuesday afternoon after my haircut. Stanley cut up to three inches off it in places. I have wavy hair and Stanley loves to bring out the 'movement' in it. He always looks so pleased that it feels churlish to ask for a proper blow-dry. So I let his assistant mercilessly twist and scrunch my hair and I was well on my way to looking like Sarah Connor in The Terminator.

However, when blow-drying my own hair, my priority is to instil both smoothness and volume. I usually concentrate on the roots and then the ends will just do their own thing.

And whala! My hair, today, as photographed in a stiff breeze in my backyard. (I am also wearing Hulk Primer in this photo.) Stanley also let me know in a pitying way that he trims people's fringes for free. Thank you for reading this very important blog post about my hair.

I am loving your blogfrenzy and your hair.
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