Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fresh goes better. I imagine that comedians get into comedy because they want gratification that the things they find amusing are also funny to other people. It is so disheartening when you've shared something you think is hilarious but other people just look at you as if you are insane. And then you write about it on your blog… boohoohoo…

Anyway, today I went into the IGA to buy some mints but they didn't have my favourite brand, so I had to buy Mentos. Then I walked out of the shop popping a Mentos in my mouth and laughed long and hard to myself in the street like a lunatic, because I realised that by solving a stupid everyday problem using Mentos, I had just created my very own Mentos ad!

Jaunty MUSIC swells with expectant doo-wop harmonies. Continues over 
A young, attractive WOMAN [what? this is my TVC] enters the supermarket, eagerly scanning the candy racks by the counter. 
MUSIC: "It doesn't matter what comes, fresh goes better in life…" 
Her face falls. There's a big empty space and a SOLD OUT sign in the rack.  
MUSIC: "…with Mentos fresh and full of life…" 
She gazes imploringly at the middle-aged male CASHIER, who shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders. 
MUSIC: "…Nothing gets to you, staying fresh, staying cool, with Mentos fresh and full of life…" 
Her gaze turns to the Mentos rack, which is the only one full of delicious minty candy. A smile spreads over her face. She grabs a packet and, tilting her head back, squeezes a lozenge into her mouth. Instantly she looks more relaxed. The cashier looks alarmed and starts gesticulating – she hasn't paid yet! 
MUSIC: "…Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness…" 
The woman turns on her heel and happily marches out the door with her Mentos.  
MUSIC: "…Fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!"

The agitated cashier appears in the doorway, rushing after the blithe shoplifter. We see his POV of the woman skipping down the street. She's so happy he can't bring himself to chase her. She winks at him, and he simply smiles indulgently and shakes his head. 
She turns and thrusts the pack of Mentos over her shoulder at the camera. Freeze frame, super appears under. 
SUPER and PACK SHOT: Mentos the Freshmaker 
V/O: Mentos – the freshmaker.

Don't worry – in real life I paid for the Mentos and they were $2! They are pretty crap as a 'freshening' product though – they're just a candy and I've never been sure whether it's best to chew or suck them.

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