Sunday, March 25, 2012

Phew, man-shoe! Basically I just wanna crow about a bargain I got at a garage sale in Lennox Street Richmond today:

They were $5, are leather, and have never been worn! What I like about them is that they look quite formal but are slip-ons and have sneaker-style rubber soles. The garage sale proprietors were two middle-aged men who looked like a gay couple. The merch was hilariously of a certain refined masculine lifestyle: classical music CDs; a box of watches; a whole rack of men's business shirts. I was chuffed that the shoes fit me – they are a size 40, which is quite small for men's shoes.

I am starting to get into man-style dress shoes. When I was a kid I referred to such shoes as "lace-ups" (I still have my black school Docs in my dress-up box!), but there is an entire stylistic vocabulary of them, which I have summarised over at The Hipster Tipster.

Already in my overstuffed wardrobe is a pair of black patent-leather winklepickers. I bought them from Dimmey's after seeing them on Fashion Hayley's blog. They are extremely pointy and I have struggled to find a way to wear them, although I might try again this winter as mod style seems to be making a revival.

Also, recently I was at my parents' house and my dad was bagging up some old clothes for the op-shop. In the pile was a pair of tan wingtips (or, perhaps more accurately, longwings, now I look at them). They were Balenciaga – Dad was giving them away because they were slightly too small, but they fitted me! So I polished them up:

The colourful socks are important. But I don't really want to wear my man-shoes with pants, even though right now I am wearing my new ones with my harem pants because that's what I dragged on this morning to have breakfast at the unholy hour of 9am.

I'd rather wear them with tights and skirts; they have a certain 1930s or 1940s look to them. But it's not really cold enough yet to do that.

Anyway, now you know all about this important topic. In other ridiculous sartorial news, I dressed up as Phryne Fisher for Lorelei's birthday party, which included attaching a sheepskin collar to my orange overcoat. I liked the look so much that I am thinking of purchasing some fake fur so I can make several interchangeable fur collars for the coat this winter.

I'm tempted to quote Jack Denaghy (sic?) of 30 Rock and say, 'Those shoes look distinctly bi-curious'.

What's depressing to me about the return of the flat-soled periwinkler shoe that you model in the second two photos of this post is that it reminds me of the shoes that people like magazine editors wore in the 80s, when I was hoping to get things published but got nowhere, and could only afford to buy Kung Fu shoes.
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