Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Where the magic happens. Today I cleaned my desk. The entire right half of it was a giant pile of papers – bills, forms, invitations, newspapers, publishers' catalogues. Now it is neatly organised and I have plenty of room. Of course, I have not done anything with the left half, which has various empty drink bottles and metastasising piles of CDs.

I actually tried to sell them at Dixons back in December when I was super-poor; I took two green bags full of CDs and DVDs down there, but they only bought about a quarter of them. But while I was browsing the shop waiting for the snooty record-store nerd guy to go through them, I saw they had LMFAO's Sorry For Party Rocking. Unbelievable!

The impetus for the big clean was that desktop organiser you now see on my desk, which my mother gave to me because it was on her desk at work and she wasn't using it. Having a mother who is a primary-school teacher means I am constantly being offered stationery.

The organiser replaces the stack of books that was growing there.

I moved the stack of books to the floor in front of my bookshelf, which also got a massive cull back in Super-Poor December; I took two green bags of books to Searchers second-hand bookshop in Fitzroy. I had better luck offloading books than getting Dixons to take my CDs and DVDs. But since then I have managed to replenish the shelves. They are like Magic Pudding bookshelves.

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