Friday, May 18, 2012

Where in the world is Nick Stahl? I noticed a spike in traffic to this blog yesterday because people were Googling Nick Stahl. You may remember that I was kind of fascinated by him back in 2009 when I was watching Carnivale, and then got a hilarious update about his lookalike, Alexander Siddig.

Well, turns out his estranged wife has filed a missing persons report for him because she hasn't seen him since 9 May. I was very sad to read how life has taken a bad turn for Nick, because I think he's a talented actor. Obviously I am no superfan or I would have already known that he was married and had a kid, but it's sad to see that hasn't worked out.

His IMDB profile seems to indicate he's been working steadily, but not in especially good roles; apparently he was going to make a comeback in a TV pilot that ended up not getting picked up. Seems he has also gone AWOL before but never for this long.

Like ABC News, I did briefly wonder if there was such a thing as a Terminator curse, given that Edward Furlong and Kristanna Loken have kind of bombed since appearing in the franchise. But, sadly, Christian Bale's continued shouty, bearded, unpleasant work throws out this theory, and after Lena Headey's time as Sarah Connor in the Sarah Chronnor Conicles, she's now starring as the villainous Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

I hope Stahl is found safe and well.

EDIT, Monday 21 May: Good news: Nick Stahl has popped back on the grid and is in rehab! Although I don't really like the sound of his wife Rose. Blabbing on Twitter about loss of privacy, but happy to speak to the media; taking out a court order against Stahl earlier in the year, but saying now that she doesn't consider herself separated.

Also, Nick did not include her in the email he sent his friends reassuring them he's okay‚Ķ but she read it because she had access to his email account! Poor Nick. I wish him luck.

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