Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OUFHH!!!! I've noticed I make a certain sound of sharp, disappointed annoyance; it sounds almost like the noise I'd make at a blow to the abdomen.

I make this sound when Graham has done something tremendously irritating: for instance, repeatedly scratching my sofa, or leaping onto my cluttered dresser while I'm lying in bed.

I also make the sound when something stupid and avoidable happens in one of my compulsive games of Crystal Quest: for instance, if I shoot a bonus crystal rather than catching it, or if I am stupidly killed before I can get the crystal.

I also make the sound when I get to a level crossing just in time to see the train I wanted to catch pulling into the station on the opposite side, or when I get to a bus or tram stop just in time to miss it.

I especially make the noise when my computer is intolerably slow to perform a basic function such as opening a new browser tab, and when my printer thinks there is no paper in there when there clearly is.

Another time I make the sound is when my desk chair refuses to stay at its designated height and sinks down to its lowest setting as soon as I sit on it.
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