Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spicks and specks of circular logic. Tonight I was at my parents' house for dinner. As they were driving me home, a Bee Gees song came on the radio and conversation turned to the group. My mother was having difficulty figuring out which Bee Gee was which.

"Who was the lead singer?" she asked.
"Barry," said my dad and me.
"Which one was Barry?"
"The leonine one," I said.
"Which one was the leonine one?" said my mother.
"BARRY!" Dad and I chorused.

"That's Barry!"

The reason I associate Barry with a lion is that I remember a cartoon from my childhood in which Barry was depicted as a lion, Maurice as a beaver (because of those unfortunate Gibb teeth) and Robin as a spaniel (because in the '70s he had long hanks of hair that looked like spaniel ears).

Poor Barry. He's the only Bee Gee left now.

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