Monday, January 06, 2014

Melly. I can never recall telling anyone they could call me Melly, but some people have taken it upon themselves and I am almost always okay with it. This surprises me as on principle I don't really like it, but whenever anyone actually does it I find myself liking it.

Natalya used to call me Melly and I liked it. Tash calls me Melly, but Pinky calls me Brain. Here's a random thing: back in the early '00s I used to hang out in this cafe called Piccolo run by a German guy named Linus who would sometimes call me Caramello, and I was okay with that too.

Tonight I was at Steve's for one of his legendary dinner parties (which included STEVE'S BAKED HAM as ham was a post-Christmas special) and his friend Louis called me Melly.

I felt rather weird about this as I don't even know him very well, and also I am so much older than Steve's infant friends. (One of them objected to the 'old music' that was playing; we are talking about '90s music here. When I did a search through Steve's iTunes for recent songs it turns out he has a lot of '80s compilations published c2012.)

But when Louis called me Melly it instantly made me think well of him. Not that I want everyone to call me Melly, but it is rare enough for me to like. 

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But my name's Mel
So call me Melly 

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