Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Orson Welles. I saw a little thumbnail of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt in which he totally reminded me of the young Orson Welles.

It's not his physical resemblance as much as something exuberant about his facial expression that reminded me of the energy and playfulness that young Welles had:

The thumbnail is a screencap from an article about Gordon-Levitt's new and very zeitgeisty variety TV show, HitRECord, which falls squarely into that genre of work made collaboratively using YouTube and other online platforms.

But something about the exuberance with which he introduces the show makes the whole thing parodic and faintly vain and self-deluded, like the 'Charlie Kane' song from Citizen Kane:

It's as if HitRECord is a parody of our contemporary obsession with digital creative production, and the emcee role Gordon-Levitt takes on is kind of obscene, basking in the glow of a thousand phones and cameras wielded by people who aspire to his level of fame but are doomed never to achieve it.

The scene feels decadent and dystopian, like something from RoboCop or The Running Man. Or, I don't know, Cabaret.

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