Saturday, January 18, 2014

This is what I have to deal with. Last night I brought Graham in at dusk and then realised my arm was caked in filth from his dirty paws.

Slumped Cat especially likes slumping in the dirt and rolling about like a chinchilla, seemingly trying to embed as much crap as possible in his fur.

And then I get the Triple-Threat if I try to remove the debris from his fur. I have to wait until he is asleep and then gently pick or comb it out.

Sometimes I worry that anyone seeing him will think he has been abandoned because of the filthy state of his fur. I need a collar tag that says, "I tried to groom him."

Summer is a big time for dirt baths, I find. I have to keep the bedroom door shut in case Lulu bounds onto my bed, covered in dirt. I keep a special wettex under the sink for wiping her down after she's had a dirt bath.
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