Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fifteen sounds. My Facebook friend Tom (or, more precisely, his mate) came up with this meme. I love this and am stealing it.

Instead of 15 books or albums or films that are important, 15 sounds. Not to say the other things are unimportant, but sound makes me think about the enjoyable moments of life in more granular detail. These will change with time, but right now, I pick…

1. A cat purring
2. A distant train horn
3. Ocean waves on a beach
4. The glug-glug of the first wine from a bottle
5. Footsteps on a hard floor such as marble
6. Rain on a tin roof (in fact, rain on any surface)
7. That ethereal ping when a basketball is bounced
8. The rustle of leaves in a breeze
9. A bubbling creek or fountain
10. The deliberate, mechanical whirr of a CD or DVD tray opening and closing
11. Hair clippers buzzing through hair ("neeeeeee-ow")
12. A car reversing at high speed going "Rrr-rr-rrr-rr"
13. The swishing sound of a heavy silk skirt or dress
14. Corduroy pants when you're walking: "vhip-vhip-vhip"
15. Magpie calls (terrifying birds, lovely song – it says 'morning' to me)

A close 16th: the sound of a cricket ball being batted: "pok". If nothing else this is a great exercise in onomatopoeia.

Two of my favourite sounds are happening right now as Graham purrs on my lap and rain falls on the roof.

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