Monday, May 18, 2015

Bin nightmare. Tonight I emptied the bin, which was ridiculously full because several times it filled up but I'd push the contents down to make more room, so it was this horrible compressed lasagne of rotting garbage. I was kind of hoping my housemate Dan would empty it, but maybe he was playing the same game of chicken with me.

Anyway, I decided to just give up and empty it. But when I upended it over the outside bin, the bag was so full it almost got stuck in the inside bin and I had to shake and shake and shake it and bin juice drizzled out like some diabolical jus being plated in a nightmarish parallel MasterChef, and I was retching and moaning, "Oh goddddd" on my front verandah.

And then I rinsed out the bin with bleach in the shower recess (we have an extra washing machine blocking access to our laundry tub) and now the bathroom has this horrible institutional smell, like a school corridor where someone threw up and then it was cleaned up with bleach.

Dan will get home and assume I threw up in the bathroom, when ironically I was heroic in emptying that rancid bin and not throwing up.

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