Thursday, October 07, 2010

The best thing since sliced milk. So, when I wondered if some procrastinating designers wanted to mock up some covers for Melbourne Milk, I did not realise my clever friend Laura, who works as a publishing designer, would actually follow through! Awesome!

I am kind of embarrassed about these, because they make my own design skillz look so bad. However, if they entice some angel investor to pour ("LOL") money into this absurd magazine, then well, full-cream ahead!

This is bukkake-tastic! I guess Laura has access to a better calibre of absurd images that I do.

I think I like this masthead best, but it will never properly woo the hipster crowd unless there is an attractive person with milk smeared over his/her face in a semeny way.

An edgier design, with more abstract imagery. Although it uses Helvetica, I feel a little uneasy about this one. Maybe I am just not cool enough.

Each of these has its merits. Melbourne Milk. You know you're thirsty for it.

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