Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got dream? Last night I dreamed I worked at a magazine called Melbourne Milk. In my dream it was a local franchise of an edgy, London-based dairy lifestyle magazine called Milk (pronounced "Miwk").

It had all sorts of stories relating to milks of all kinds – not just animal milk but vegan and lactose-free milks. I can't remember much else about the dream, but I thought maybe there is a gap in the magazine market for this publication.

I am annoyed that the cover doesn't look as cool as I dreamed it. I'm sure a real designer could have done a better job than I have here. (If any real designers are reading this and would like to take some time out of their designerly day to mock up and send me their own Melbourne Milk cover designs, please do.)

That is not me or anyone I know on the cover, by the way. I got the pic from Flickr user christy jean via a Google Image search for "sexy milk bottle".

There are actually several different magazines called Milk. One is a poetry magazine. One is an upmarket French baby magazine. One is a Hong Kong lifestyle and trends magazine. One looks like a defunct art and literature magazine. One is published by a London-based trend forecasting and branding agency.

I kind of like the idea of publishing this ridiculous magazine, and imagining the content I would put in it. I picture its original London iteration as a cross between Dazed and Confused, Apartamento and Wallpaper*, but the local version would be more like a cross between Frankie, Dumbo Feather and theage(melbourne)magazine.

Melbourne Milk would see milk as an emblem of wholesomeness, authenticity and nostalgia as well as an actual foodstuff. There would be lots of profiles of 'creative people' talking about how they relate to milk. There would be gonzo dairy-themed odysseys, stories on milk bars, cafes and milk-related small businesses, milky recipes and milk-related interiors, fashion and crafts.

The magazine's audience would be the milk consumer who is interested in style, design and 'simple', 'authentic' living. A large chunk of the audience would be locavore foodies who want to feel bucolic and connected to the land even though they live technologically enabled, industrial lives.

The Melbourne Milk reader would be the sort to imagine that his/her milk comes from the kinds of cows whose udders are massaged daily with organic L'Occitane udder cream… or at least that his/her milk is sold at local farmers' markets rather than in cartons at supermarkets. Actually, there would probably be a calendar in the front with local farmers' market dates marked on it.

Oh, I can't keep a straight face any more. A magazine about milk. It is totally stupid.

Update: 8 October! More cover mockups from Laura and Tim!

I love your dreams, Mel. You should milk them for all they're worth (sorry). Suggested alternate title: MILQUE.
Did you know there are now multiple businesses delivering milk again in Melbourne? I expect a feature story on the whys and wherefores in edition one.
I would totally read this magazine. I would be particularly pleased if there were a column dedicated to milk products, notably cheese, yoghurt and ice-cream.
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