Friday, October 08, 2010

The milkman has delivered again. Hilariously, upon seeing Laura's Melbourne Milk cover mockups, Tim realised that in an idle hour, he'd had a go as well!

The mastheads are all the same (oddly, I had considered Cooper Black at one stage – its rounded serifs are comfortingly milky). I'm not so sure about the milky band behind the mastheads – I'd pictured it as a 'floating' masthead – but the cover images… Oh, the cover images!

Tim says: "I like the woman drinking one the best – could easily pop the mag next to Zoo magazine on the rack."

I'm not so sure… I don't like the uriney way the milk is pooling between her thighs. But then, maybe that would sit nicely next to Zoo.

We are definitely well on the way to a prospectus for Melbourne Milk investors.

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